Elsevier launches COVID-19 Healthcare Hub to support healthcare workers

Elsevier – a global provider of research publishing and information analytics – has launched complimentary resources and learning tools via its COVID-19 Healthcare Hub to support healthcare professionals on the frontline of the pandemic.

The ICU Nurses Refresher Toolkit COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit contain up-to-date medical information on COVID-19, approved treatments and guidelines, and other useful tools to help doctors, nurses and staff provide care.

Elsevier President of Global Health Markets Jan Herzhoff said: «As a trusted partner to healthcare providers globally, we believe that Elsevier has a responsibility to provide high-quality information and tools on COVID-19 and the newly approved vaccines. Our team of researchers, clinicians and data scientists work tirelessly to develop the latest tools and resources, such as the complimentary ICU nurse training, that will further support healthcare providers during this public health crisis».

The ICU Nursing Refresher Toolkit features curated nursing skills from Elsevier as well as clinical eLearning and wellness resources from American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). Utilising evidence-based practices and data on the novel coronavirus, the toolkit helps to enhance clinical reasoning skills for ICU nurses who are managing high volumes of patients with COVID-19, and for registered nurses being called from other units to assist with COVID-19 care in the ICU.

AACN Learning Excellence Director Herb Williams-Dalgart said: «Now more than ever, nurses need access to reliable, trusted resources and support to confidently provide the best clinical care and achieve optimal patient outcomes. Our partnership with Elsevier allows more nurses to have access to AACN’s clinical eLearning solutions, as well as to crucial wellness tools that allow our community of nurses to find resources and support to build their own wellbeing during these extremely stressful times».

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to be developed and distributed globally, the COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit provides healthcare workers with the latest evidence-based information on vaccines approved for use. Visitors who access the toolkit can read vaccine drug monographs and Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) information, access vaccine administration resources, and view patient education materials, developed in collaboration with leading infectious disease experts. The toolkit will be continuously updated as additional vaccines receive approval from regulatory authorities and as new information on the vaccines is released.

«Collaboration in the science community combined with advancements in technology were the main drivers for the historic speed in which the COVID-19 vaccines were developed», – Elsevier Managing Director, APAC, Lim Kok Keng said. – «The fact-based information available in the COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit equips healthcare professionals with accurate data and discussion points that can be used in patient conversations to help address concerns, dispel vaccine falsities and ultimately make critical decisions for patient health».

Additional resources available on the COVID-19 Healthcare Hub include evidence-based clinical overviews, drug monographs, care plans, order sets, and procedure videos for clinicians delivering care and information to patients. Healthcare professionals will also find the latest information and guidelines from government health agencies, medical societies and public health organisations for diagnosis, testing and treatment of patients with COVID-19.

Source: http://hospitalhealth.com.au/content/nursing/news/elsevier-launches-covid-19-healthcare-hub-to-support-healthcare-workers-719958587#ixzz6sB8NTHme


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