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Adding Works to ORCID from OpenAIRE EXPLORE

The ORCID website states that through the OpenAIRE EXPLORE discovery service, ORCID users can now instantly identify their works and quickly add them to their ORCID iD through a trusted and straightforward process.

OpenAIRE, the European e-Infrastructure on open scholarly communication, is a service provider with 14 services covering a broad spectrum of open science for publishing, discovering, and monitoring research. In its core is the OpenAIRE Research Graph which interlinks 124M publications, 1M research data, and 78K research software, with researchers, their organizations, funding agencies, and specific research communities. It is so simple to set up – let’s get going!

Connect in three easy steps

  1. Create or log into your ORCID account

This article assumes that the reader does own an ORCID account, but if you don’t, you can register at link, as this will be important in all future aspects of scholarly communication.

  1. Create or log into your OpenAIRE account

Sign in to the OpenAIRE EXPLORE portal using a variety of options: your email, EDUGAIn, ORCID, Gmail, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. This will grant you access to services such as linking and claiming, and/or it will enable you to grant OpenAIRE the permission to add, delete, or edit work that is connected with your ORCID record.

  1. Grant OpenAIRE as your trusted organization

Lastly, you need to grant OpenAIRE the right to act as a trusted organization on your behalf in order to apply changes in your ORCID record. First, a popup window directing you to ORCID will appear, asking you to login to or register for ORCID and then allow OpenAIRE to read trusted information and/or add or update research activities. This will happen even though you may have used your ORCID iD to login to OpenAIRE, so don’t worry about possible repetitions.

Adding Works

As an ORCID user, when you browse your Works section in link, click the «Add works» button and search for the «OpenAIRE EXPLORE» member organization in the drop down list.

You will then be redirected to a page in OpenAIRE EXPLORE, where you can search and add works to your ORCID iD among all research outcomes (e.g., publications, research data, software or other research products) related to you.

Directly on the results of the OpenAIRE EXPLORE search pages

Associate scholarly work with your ORCID iD as a signed-in OpenAIRE EXPLORE user.

A nice tip to make use of the new functionalities is to search for your name as an author of publications as in the image above (we used «Paolo Manghi»). OpenAIRE EXPLORE shows you a list of articles that could be related with your name. You can now control and verify which articles are related with you and indicate so. How to do that? It’s simple. In the search results page, in the box that contains information about the research result next to your name, you simply click on the «Add to ORCID». That’s it! Now the publication is added among your works in your ORCID record.

Disassociate scholarly works from your ORCID iD. If you want to remove an associated work from your ORCID iD, select the «Delete from ORCID» button.



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