How to increase your Hirsch index: 12 ways!

Dear scientists, we offer you the following 12 ways to raise your ranking:

  1. Relevant topic, quality work, we recommend that you write good, quality articles on relevant and interesting topics.

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  1. Starting the path of a researcher, try to write materials in collaboration with famous people who have high scientific performance. Remember that the main thing is quality, not quantity!

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– What is the Difference between a Lead Author and Co-author?

  1. Follow the editorial requirements for the design of the publication. Engage researchers with title and annotations, as they are read and seen first.

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– Choosing a good manuscript title: tips from Springer Nature

  1. Publish articles not only in the Web of Science, Scopus journals, but also in HAC journals in English.
  2. Pay attention to compiling a list of references, if possible, make a large bibliographic list. It is recommended that at least 50 % of references for the last 5–10 years be to English-language sources included in the Scopus and Web of Science citation databases.
  3. Choose the right journal to publish. Publish in open access journals.
  4. When publishing in a foreign language, always use the same spelling of the last name and first name (or initials).

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  1. Create a personal profile in databases (Web of Science, Google Scholar etc.).

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– Google Scholar Profiles: recommendations

  1. Register in the social network of scientists ResearchGate, LinkedIn etc., where you will post information about the publication of your new article. Expand the audience of people who will hear or read that you have released a new article.

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  1. Report your publications in conference reports.

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– How Can You Make the Most Out of Virtual Scientific Conferences and Seminars?

– Conferences announcement

  1. Write review articles.

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– Create an interactive map of the references used

  1. Keep track of the indexing of your work in different databases.

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– Publish or Perish: an assistant when analysing your citations


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