7 reasons why a Publons profile is necessary for scientists?

Publons is a worldwide platform for scientists of all disciplines, which, unlike other Clarivate resources such as Web of Science and EndNote, does not require a subscription, i.e. this resource is free for scientists.

7 reasons why you should also join the already registered 3,000,000 researchers and create your own profile on Publons:

  1. You can add any of your scientific publications to the Publons profile, not only those that are indexed in the Web of Science database, unlike Scopus. True, the Hirsch index will be calculated only for publications of the Web of Science journals, but you will know for sure that the article was published in the WoS journal, since the "WoS" label will appear above it.
  2. In addition to the Hirsch index on the Web of Science, in the Publons profile you can also see other scientometric indicators: the total number of publications, the total number of citations and the total number of reviews made by you and uploaded to Publons.
  3. You can use your indicators in Publons in your resume for all kinds of scientific projects of the international level.
  4. Publons includes a huge array of scientific reviews by more than 3 million researchers from all over the world, i. you can familiarize yourself with the world practice of peer review. And even participate in the assessment of reviews.
  5. Reviewer status in Publons is a confirmation of membership in the world club of scientific reviewers. Publons guarantees the reliability of the data on reviews and this data can be used when writing competitive applications as indicators of the experience, relevance and authority of the scientist. Therefore, we advise you to also add your reviews to your profile on Publons.
  6. Publons confirms the reviews of scientific publications, according to this, each reviewer is assigned assessment points and a rating is calculated. The Publons reviewer rating helps you become a reviewer in more journals.
  7. Membership in Publons is a real opportunity to expand the circle of professional communication.

If you previously had a registered account with Clarivate Analytics' Web of Science, EndNote, or ResearcherID platforms, you can use your login and password from those platforms to log into the Publons platform. Effective April 15, 2019, existing ResearcherID accounts are automatically updated to Publons profiles, preserving all bibliography and other existing information.

If you are not registered on any of the Clarivate Analytics platforms, it is necessary to register. To do this, we recommend using our video "How to register at Web of Science"





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