Publish or Perish: an assistant when analysing your citations

Publish or Perish is a software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations. It uses a variety of data sources to obtain the raw citations, then analyzes these and presents a range of citation metrics, including the number of papers, total citations and the h-index.

The results are available on-screen and can also be copied to the Windows or macOS clipboard (for pasting into other applications) or saved to a variety of output formats (for future reference or further analysis). Publish or Perish includes a detailed help file with search tips and additional information about the citation metrics.

What Publish or Perish is for

Are you applying for tenure, promotion or a new job? Do you need to prepare for your performance appraisal? Publish or Perish is designed to help individual academics to present their case for research impact to its best advantage, even if you have very few citations.

You can also use it to decide which journals to submit to, to prepare for a job interview, to do a literature review, to do bibliometric research, to write laudatios or obituaries, or to do some homework before meeting your academic hero. Publish or Perish is a real Swiss army knife.

Publish or Perish on Microsoft Windows. Download and installation instructions


Here is a small example of using Publish or Perish. Let's add Crossref citations to one of our journals, the Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, in Publish or Perish. Open Publish or Perish, click the Crossref button.

Then enter the ISSN number for our journal. For authors, we recommend using the Authors box, where you should enter your first and last name in English (or the name under which you most often publish).

You then have to wait for the application to find your publications. If you search by full name, it will find not only your publications, but also those of your namesake. To get the figures for your publications only, simply uncheck the box for someone else's work and you will see the figures for your publications only on the right-hand side.

Then click on Trash and you can do the same with the Google Scholar button.

Good luck finding your quotes!


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