THE World University Rankings 2023: time to submit your data

Times Higher Education has opened the data portal for the World University Rankings 2023.

Institutions across the world can now submit data to be included in the flagship league table, which will be published in October. The portal will close on 30 March, and there are no fees to participate.

Last year, THE’s data team, in partnership with the global higher education sector, collected institutional data from 2,112 universities, and 1,662 institutions from 99 territories were ranked in the THE World University Rankings 2022.

These data were combined with an analysis of 14.4 million research publications, 108 million citations and almost 22,000 votes from scholars in our Academic Reputation Survey to form our biggest global rankings to date.

The information Times Higher Education is now collecting will fuel not only the 2023 global ranking and subject tables, but also several regional and thematic rankings, including our Arab, Asia, Emerging Economies, Latin America and Young University tables.

Only institutions that submit data through Times Higher Education portal will be included in these rankings. Data submission is open to all universities, but institutions will be ranked only if they teach undergraduates, produce research across a range of subjects and have published at least 1,000 research publications between 2017 and 2021 (or less for some of the spin-off rankings). A list of exclusions can be found here.

However, institutions that do not meet the requirements to be ranked should still submit data as they will be able to access benchmarking tools via THE DataPoints. They will also be listed in the relevant rankings tables as «reporter» institutions, unless they opt out of this status.

Register here to take part in our World University Rankings 2023.


Every university employee is a part of their university's ranking, so you can help raise your university's ranking and ranking by raising your own ranking as a scholar. We recommend that you use our collection of video recommendations «How to improve your h-index» for this purpose.


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