Research from Springer Nature confirms value in «going for gold»

A new white paper published to date from Springer Nature builds on the growing body of evidence that shows that gold open access (OA) is best for authors and researchers.

Springer Nature’s 2018 white paper, Assessing the open access effect for hybrid journals, highlighted ‘the OA effect’ and showed that OA articles in hybrid journals achieve greater impact, usage and reach than comparative non-OA articles.

Going for gold: exploring the reach and impact of Gold open access articles in hybrid journals offers important additional analysis. The main findings are:

  • Gold OA articles achieve greater impact compared to subscription articles with earlier versions available e.g. via green OA routes. On average, the latter type only achieves 1.07 times higher citations than non-OA articles, compared with 1.64 times higher achieved by gold OA articles; 
  • Gold OA articles achieve far greater attention and awareness with nearly five times higher Altmetric Attention Scores compared to non-OA articles, while subscription articles with earlier versions available e.g. via green OA routes only have two times higher Altmetric scores than non-OA articles in hybrid journals;
  • Gold OA articles continue to be used more with results showing that they are downloaded over six times more than non-OA articles 
  • Variations by discipline are seen but gold OA exceeds the reach and impact of both non-OA articles and subscription articles with earlier versions available.


As a reminder, the journals of our publisher, PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER, adhere to the Gold OA. You can view our article archives at the following links:

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