Dear readers and authors! On December 15, 2021, a new monograph "FIRE RESISTANCE OF REINFORCED CONCRETE AND STEEL STRUCTURES" was published by the publishing house PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER. The monograph was published under the editorship of Professor V. Sadkovyi and Doctors of Technical Sciences E. Rybka and Yu. Otrosh; it is devoted to the problems of fire resistance of reinforced concrete and steel building structures in the conditions of modern extreme influences.

The current state of fire safety of buildings and structures, as well as approaches, methods and tools for its assessment are analyzed. Analysis of emergencies and fires in the world has shown that the vast majority of them occur in buildings and structures. It is shown that the cause of catastrophic consequences and destruction is the non-compliance of the actual limit of fire resistance of building structures with regulatory requirements. This is due to the imperfection of methods and means of assessing the fire resistance of building structures, including fire-retardant.

To overcome the shortcomings identified during the analysis, the paper develops physical and mathematical models of thermal processes occurring in the fire-retardant reinforced concrete structure. Based on the proposed models, a calculation and experimental method for estimating the fire resistance of steel structures, as well as an algorithm and procedures for its implementation have been developed. The reliability of the developed models and methods is checked. In general, the efficiency of the proposed calculation and experimental methods with sufficient accuracy for engineering calculations is confirmed.

The monograph will be of interesting to applicants for higher education, scientists and practitioners in the field of "Civil Security" in the specialty "Fire Safety". The interest of the presented scientific results is that for the first time the problem of ensuring fire resistance of reinforced concrete and steel building structures is comprehensively solved in the work. The proposed computational and experimental methods, which are universal and based on multifactor models, allowed to achieve this. The monograph will be interesting for all regions of the world. Designed for professionals and scientists engaged in scientific and practical activities in the field of fire safety, as well as scientific, scientific and academic staff and applicants for higher education in the field of "Fire Safety", as well as professionals who at the scientific and practical level ensuring fire safety of civil and industrial facilities.

The publication can be found by following the link FIRE RESISTANCE OF REINFORCED CONCRETE AND STEEL STRUCTURES.

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