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On October 19, 2021, a new monograph "SOME PROBLEMS OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN UKRAINE: ANALYTICS" was published by the publishing house PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER. The monograph was published under the authorship of Professor V. Ponomarenko; it is devoted to the analysis of the education system and ways to solve the identified shortcomings.

The monograph establishes the nature of changes in the demographic situation in Ukraine. The dependence of the birth rate on changes in GDP is formalized. An assessment of the volume of the educational market and forecasting changes in the contingent of applicants for secondary and higher education are evaluated. Quantitative analysis of the labor market in the context of groups of specialties and educational programs, as well as the requirements of employers to job candidates is conducted. The compliance of specialties with the labor market demands and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the structure of the labor market are evaluated. The achievements and shortcomings of the functioning of the system of external independent evaluation (EIE) of learning outcomes in Ukraine are formulated. The possibilities of using the psychological characteristics of entrants, the scores of their EIE certificates to assess future learning outcomes and to assess career prospects after graduation are researched. A quantitative analysis of the system of financing higher education in Ukraine, including the current system of distribution of budget funds between of higher education institutions is conducted. The shortcomings of the current system and ways to eliminate them are substantiated.

The research results can be useful for graduate students and teachers whose research interests are at the intersection of pedagogy, psychology and economics. Foreign scholars may be interested in: the results of research on the impact of cognitive and emotional intelligence of Ukrainian students on the results of their studies at the university; dynamics of the demographic situation, characteristics of the labor market and the system of financing higher education in Ukraine. The monograph can be useful for the management of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and other departments that are involved in the quality of training, funding and development of rules for admission to free economic zones. In addition, the results of the study of the dynamics and regional structure of the scores of external evaluation certificates should also be of interest to the management of the regional departments of education and science of Ukraine.

The publication can be found by following the link SOME PROBLEMS OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN UKRAINE: ANALYTICS.

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