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New: Writefull’s automatic title generator

Writefull writes on its blog
that «we are always looking for ways to revolutionize academic writing through AI. This week, we’re bringing you a little widget that automatically creates a title from your paper’s abstract, using an in-house model.

Why this widget

Coming up with a good paper title isn’t easy. Given the nature of Writefull and our love of AI, we decided to follow up with a model that generates titles automatically. We hope it’s helpful, or at least fun to play with!

How to use it

Go to this page, paste your abstract into the text box, and click (RE)GENERATE TITLE to get a title. You can do this as often as you want, including with the same abstract to see more options.

The magic explained

We trained our model on a big dataset of titles and abstracts. Having processed many title-abstract pairs, the model learned what elements from an abstract usually occur in the title, and how.

For example, titles usually repeat one or two elements from the abstract, like the paper topic, methods, and findings. While the model learned to include many of these automatically, highlighting them pre-training helped the model focus.

Make sure to try this widget now, as we won’t be keeping it online permanently!»



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