New volume of the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies"

Dear Scientists!
Since 2021, the "Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies" journal has been replenished with a new, thirteenth, volume "Transfer of technologies: industry, energy, nanotechnology".

The subject of volume "Transfer of technologies: industry, energy, nanotechnology"
This volume accepts for consideration manuscripts related to the branch of knowledge "Management and Administration" in the part relating to the management of innovative activities in its various aspects: management, business processes, accounting, transfer of ideas to the market in Industry 4.0., methods, means and methods of commercializing scientific developments, etc. in the context of the economy. That is, the manuscripts for this volume of the journal should contain any new solutions that will facilitate the transfer of technological knowledge/innovative products, providing an opportunity to increase the economic efficiency of companies and/or human welfare.

By the way, Scopus indexes our journal in the subject area Business, Management and Accounting in the category Management of Technology and Innovation.


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