A Tool For Easy Article Reading On Your Gadgets

The team of researchers and engineers from the Allen Institute for AI led by Lucy Lu Wang released a prototype of their tool that converts scientific PDFs into HTML, making them readable by screen readers and much more easily visible on mobile devices. After learning that fewer than 3% of scientific papers meet minimum criteria for accessibility, AI2 is pursuing new and better ways to make scientific publishing accessible to the broadest possible audience. This is how the Paper to HTML Converter Website came to be.

This is an experimental prototype that aims to render scientific papers in HTML so they can be more easily read by screen readers or on mobile devices. Because of our reliance on statistical machine learning techniques, some errors are inevitable. We are continuing to improve upon our models.

Paper to HTML Converter works with the following formats:

PDF files (*.pdf)

LaTeX source (*.gz, *.tar)

JATS XML (*.nxml)

Source: https://www.infodocket.com/2021/09/17/a-new-experimental-prototype-tool-from-the-allen-institute-for-ai-paper-to-html-converter/

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