SSRN Preprints in Scopus Author Profiles

In January 2021, the Scopus blog reported that preprints have been added to Scopus Author Profiles as a content type to help you get an early view into the research focus of peers and potential collaborators. Preprints can be a helpful complement to peer-reviewed literature to gain insight into researcher endeavors.

At that stage, Scopus enriched 1 million author profiles with more than 900,000 preprints dating back to 2017. Those preprints were drawn from the main preprint servers in the areas of Physical Sciences (arXiv and ChemRxiv) and Biomedical Sciences (bioRxiv and medRxiv).

Now Scopus is excited to announce that we’ve begun adding content from the Social Sciences preprint server SSRN to Scopus Author Profiles. By the end of this year, Scopus expect to feature links to around 250,000 SSRN preprints dating back to 2017, which will bring the number of enriched Author Profiles to 1.4 million.

If an author already has a peer-reviewed publication history in Scopus, any preprints they’ve published on the relevant servers since 2017 will be visible via a tab on their author profile page.

Still in the pipeline: Preprint information is currently only visible in Scopus Author Profiles. In the future, goal Scopus is to make it a searchable content type in Scopus.


The journal articles of our publisher PC TECHNOLOGY CENTER are uploaded to the SSRN server
, so you will also be able to see them as preprints in your Scopus Author Profile in the future:

Technology audit and production reserves

ScienceRise: Medical Science

ScienceRise: Pedagogical Education

ScienceRise: Biological Science

ScienceRise: Juridical Science

But we remind you that although preprints are listed in Scopus Author Profiles, they are not taken into account in the calculation of Scopus scientometric indicators (h-index, CiteScore, SNIP, SJR, etc.). Only publications of journals that are indexed in Scopus will be taken into account. In our publisher, these are:

Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies

ScienceRise: Pharmaceutical Science


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