Books and periodicals

Books - a non-periodical publication in the form of discarded paper sheets or notebooks with text, graphic, illustrative information printed on them, more than 48 pages in volume, usually in hardcover. 

Price incl. Cover 4+0, cardboard 300 g/m2

Books 50 copies  100 copies 200 copies
 100 pp. 4350,00 UAH 8700,00 UAH 17400,00 UAH
 150 pp. 4650,00 UAH 9300,00 UAH 18600,00 UAH
 200 pp. 4900,00 UAH  9800,00 UAH  19600,00 UAH
The first site in Ukraine "MONOGRAPHS"

According to the State Standard for Publishing (GOST 7.60-2003, p., a monograph is "a scientific or popular science publication containing a complete and comprehensive study of one problem or topic and belonging to one or several authors."

The volume of the monograph cannot be regulated, since it is the result of scientific creativity.

The monograph must be reviewed: that is, at least two specialists with academic degrees must give their opinions on it.

As a separate book, it should be assigned UDC, BBK, ISBN. The circulation of the monograph is no less than 300 copies, including obligatory dispatch.

ISBN is assigned by our publishing house for FREE

Softcover production price

The price is indicated taking into account the cover 4+0, coated paper with a density of 170 g/m2.

Monograph 50 copies  100 copies  200 copies
 52 pp. 1500,00 UAH  2800,00 UAH  5200,00 UAH
 100 pp. 2100,00 UAH 4000,00 UAH 7800,00 UAH
 200 pp. 3100,00 UAH  6200,00 UAH  12200,00 UAH 

Hardcover production price

The price is indicated taking into account the cover 4+0, cardboard with a density of 300 g/m2.

Monograph 50 copies 100 copies  200 copies
 52 pp. 3650,00 UAH  7300,35 UAH  14600,00 UAH
 100 pp. 4350,00 UAH 8700,00 UAH 17400,00 UAH
 200 pp. 4900,00 UAH  9800,00 UAH  19600,00 UAH 

Dear Authors!

In order to protect your monographs from plagiarism and infringement of your copyrights, we ask you to provide a completed license agreement when printing a monograph in our publishing house.

Today in the scientific world the issue of copyright is one of the most important. Officially, your copyright for published materials is secured in a document called "License Agreement". Therefore, when ordering a monograph in our publishing house, you must provide a completed license agreement.

You can download an example of a license agreement here


Tutorial is viewed as a supplement to the textbook. The tutorial may not cover the entire discipline, but only part (several sections) of the sample program. Unlike a textbook, tutorial may include not only approved, generally recognized knowledge and provisions, but also different opinions on a particular problem.

Price incl. Cover 4+0, cardboard 300 g/m2

Collection of scientific papers 50 copies  100 copies
 100 pp. 4350,00 UAH  8700,00 UAH
 200 pp. 4900,00 UAH   9800,00 UAH 

Journal is a periodical stitched printed publication that has a permanent heading and contains articles on various issues of life, nature, science, literary works, illustration and other materials.


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