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CiteScore 2018 metrics now available!

Опубликовано: 08-07-2019

The CiteScore™ 2018 metrics are freely available for more than 23,830 titles, 12,000+ more titles than the Impact Factor.

The CiteScore™ 2018 metrics illustration | Elsevier

With such comprehensive coverage, CiteScore can help you discover more titles, both within your own disciplines and in other areas of interest. This broadening of your scope can help drive more informed decisions about what to read and where to publish. Learn more about CiteScore 2018, including what’s new with this release, here.

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Funding acknowledgement information available for 9 million articles

Did you know, funding acknowledgement information is available for 9 million articles in Scopus?


Why is previously awarded funding data important?

It enables researchers to see what research has been funded by whom in order to prepare for grant submissions; and to support a current grant application by showing information about previous performance.

This information is easily discoverable within the refine results section of the search results. This enables you to conduct funding-centric analysis to track the research output and influence for a funding body or a specific grant. Learn more here.

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Discover the most efficient research strategy


You can maximize the value of Scopus, by setting upAlerts to receive information on the latest developments in your field? It’s easy to do, and you’ll realize benefits right away. Watch this short video for a step by step guide to saving your searches and setting up alerts.

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